Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bak Chang

Steps on how to wrap a bak chang My mom's Bak Chang

She likes to use charcoal to cook bak chang, and must make bak chang every year.

Every year she will ask my younger sister and me to help her with wrapping of dumplings (bak chang). My sister is my extra pair of hands to pick all the ingredients and put them in the laddle.

Each year we have to wrap hundreds of bak chang and kee chang.

My mom did most of the cleaning of ingredients, cooking and preparation. She had to wake up at 2 am to do the household chores and get ready all the necessary items for wrapping of bak chang.

I always reach her place at around 7am. And wrap till 2pm. We had short break, like 15mins in every 2 hours or so. But this year I was unable to help her with the wrapping. Luckily my sister is able to wrap the dumplings (bak chang) and all the dumplings turned out very "cute". So small and I find that the size matters. Small bak chang is better. We can eat at least 3 of them and don't feel too full.

Here's the recipe.
Glutinuous Rice
Bamboo Leaves
Raffia Strings (prepare in advance)

Pork belly
dried mushroom
dried chestnuts
salted egg yolks
dried prawns
red beans

five spice powder
dark soya sauce
fried garlic and shallots with some cooking oil

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Anonymous said...

Do you have to stir fry the ingredients and the rice?