Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bergedel ~ Potato Patties

I made these patties (Bergedel) yesterday for lunch.

Ready to eat.
~ This recipe makes 12 patties


3 large potatoes

1 can sardines (225g)

1 stalk chinese celery

1 stalk spring onion

1 red chilli

2 shallots

3 eggs

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground pepper

4 tbsp cooking oil

Use fresh ingredients...

Remove two sardines' bones and mash well (you can use all 4 sardines from the can). Boil the washed potatoes in a pot of water till cooked. Remove skins and mash the potatoes in a mixing bowl when it's still warm.
Add finely chop shallots, spring onions, chinese celery and red chilli into the mashed potatoes. Add sardines, 2 whole egg plus an egg yolk, salt and pepper into the mixture and mix well. Put an egg white in a small bowl. Wet your hands and mould the patties and dip with some egg white and fry it in a heat up frying pan with heated cooking oil. Use low fire to cook till golden brown.

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Anonymous said...

yum. I had some beautiful little potato cakes in Bali made with potato, garlic and coriander. I will use your recipe as a basis and try to recreate something like it as well as your version with the fish (great way to get the 2 serves of fish a week into us!)