Monday, January 28, 2008

Golden Huat Kueh


Picture above: Remove "huat kueh" from the tea-cup when it's cooled. I didn't "greased" the tea-cups, what I did was to make sure the "tea-cups" are being heated before pouring the batter into it and steam.
Picture above shown the actual size of the huat kueh. The palm-size of a 16 months old toddler.

3/4 cup Corn Kernel (canned)

2 tbsp of chopped chinese celery 芹菜

3 slices of ham (cut into small squares)

1/2 cup castor sugar

1 1/2 cup water (room temperature)

2 tbsp custard powder

1 1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 cup rice flour

1 1/2 cup cake flour


Heat the water in the pot with some tea-cups (陶瓷茶杯) in it.

Mix the sugar with water and stir till the sugar has been dissolved. Add cake flour, rice flour, custard powder, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda into the sugar water and mix well. Add corn, ham and chinese celery into the mixture and mix well.

Fill the "hot" tea-cups with batter up to 90% full, and steam at very high heat for 12 -15 minutes or till done.

Golden rules:

1. Do not add too much of bicarbonate of soda as it will give a very bitter taste.

2. The water should be boiling before the steaming of "huat kueh".

3. If using porcelain tea-cups to steam the "huat kueh", make sure it's been heated before adding the batter into tea-cups.

4. Always remember, "A wok is better than a steamer, a small pot is better than a big pot".

5. Do not open the cover and peep the "huat kuehs" within the first 12 minutes.


Paw Paw said...

The Huat Kueh looks delish.

I too saw the epi on this kueh..but I did not manage to take down the recipe.
Am glad U posted it...
Really wanna know how's the taste..cuz it's savoury & sweet at the same time.
Anyway...hope U will "HUAT" like those Golden Kuehs...*wink*

jthorge said...

Hi paw paw,
The taste is not too sweet and not salty. It's so yummy and my children like to eat them. I re-heat it the next day for breakfast.
It's very easy to make. Try it if you have the time.

Wishing you a prosperious and happy Chinese New Year!! :D

Anonymous said...

its the channel 49 cooking lesson conducted by Ah Fang, after 29 feb, we cant watch it anymore, but there is a link we still can watch it online -