Friday, February 22, 2008

Ngor Hiang

I made these Ngor Hiang today. My son likes it very much. My daughter ate 2 pieces of it and shiny-side up eggs with rice for lunch.
My mum likes to make this Ngor Hiang for Chinese New Year reunion dinner and birthday celebrations.
This is one of her 拿手好菜 ! I remembered my late paternal grand mother (阿婆) liked this dish very much. Many Ngor Hiang recipe I have collected don't use turnip, spring onions and chinese celery. Recently I watched SCV's "Travel and Living at Discovery Channel", the ngor hiang also made of turnips, spring onions, hand-chopped pork belly, flour, eggs and chinese celery etc. I was a bit surprised as it's exactly the same as my moms' recipe.

My mom's Ngor Hiang Recipe I follow this recipe closely, you can use estimation, I only make half of it.

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amandalwh said...


wah~ your ngor hiang looks yummy~ <3 i simply love handmade ngor hiang, more generous with fillings and not too starchy/floury like those bought ones. will try out your mum's recipe asap! ^^

btw, i have tagged you for MeMe! ^^