Monday, July 28, 2008

Pie Kia

"Pie Kia" sounds like "naughty kid" to me. Actually, I think it means “塔仔”.
The pies are very small and delicious! Great for parties! When I saw this "pie kia" featured on the Straits Times some times ago, I was wandering what's the taste of the pie? I saw many different type of mini pies on display. Too many choices, so I picked a few of my favourite fillings like "mushroom", "curry chicken" and "sardines". Then I brought home with four "Pie Kia" and hope my hubby and children will like it.
Once I reached home and ate one of the pie kia(s) ~ the curry flavoured chicken pie which didn't make me feel guilty, Photobucketas it's very small. It's delicious, I must say. After eaten that, I don't want to make my own pie anymore.
The other three pies were eaten up by my children and hubby.

Where to buy: AMK hub
Price: S$1.50 each


Chawanmushi said...

I wonder if this is a new stall.
I frequent AMK hub too. May I know where is the stall located? tia

jthorge said...

There are few stalls just outside AMK hub, you will see "Pie Kia" next to "Old Chang Kee". Think to be specific. It should be near Taxi Stand (AMK hub).

It's very easy to find. :P