Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sue Jean's Photo Frame

Hello Kitty Photo Frame ~ coloured by Sue Jean
Sue Jean showed me this photo frame when I was picking her up from her school at 1 pm yesterday.
She was very happy and told me lots of things about her school. Her form teacher, Mrs Lee gave everybody a photo frame to colour in class. She used coloured pens (probably was given by her teacher) to "paint" it. So colourful and nice! I told her. She told me to print a photo of her with her brother, Ray Han and was eager to show her friends the photo on it today.
The photo can't be printed due to some problems with the printer driver, so need to re-install the driver. The photo wasn't ready yet, Sue Jean told me it's ok mummy, can do it later. So sweet of her!


Dutchess said...

Sue Jean has a great eye for colour and she's so neat with her painting. Well done!

jthorge said...

Thank you. :D